Milky Way Photography Workshop

(Beginner to Intermediate)

After the successful beginners to intermediate workshop that was held in May 2019 as part of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing in collaboration with ACT Parks and conservation service, this year Ari Rex will be holding another workshop as part of the Heritage festival 2020 with the theme "REIMAGINE"

Reimagine another Milky Way photography workshop similar to the one we had last year, meeting other photographers in a safe and fun environment.


This workshop will be held at Namadgi Visitor Centre on Saturday 25th, April 2020 from 3-7pm. 

The first part of the workshop is the introduction and will be held at the theatre room of the visitor centre. Then the second part will be held outside the back of the visitor centre where we will be putting the things we learned into practice capturing the Milky Way as it rises above the horizon. 

(This workshop allows 13-18 years old, but must be accompanied by "1" adult)

*Please note: In respect of our community and the land, we apply a "leave no trace" policy in all our workshops.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to plan/photograph nightscapes and the Milky Way

  • Using optimal settings to capture the Milky Way

  • How to capture single shot portraits with the Milky Way in the background

  • What equipment to use for best results

  • How to focus to get pin sharp focus of the stars and foreground objects in total darkness.

  • Tips and tricks for using creative foreground lighting techniques.

What Will I Need?

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera 

  • Wide angle lens with preferably f2.8 aperture or faster

  • Tripod 

  • Warm clothes (dress for cold weather)



Recommended but not required 

  • Headlamp with low power (50 lumens or less)



This is a beginners to intermediate level workshop so it's more suitable to those that just starting out with astro-photography. 


Reviews By Past Workshop Attendees

" I spent last night with Ari Rex and three other keen photographers learning 'tricks of the trade' in order to photograph the Milky Way - wow - what an experience. Ari's super enthusiastic approach was infectious and I doubt any of us left without having learnt a considerable amount - and I might add not just about astrophotography but also enhance our knowledge of our cameras and photography in general."

Luke Foster

"Ari is a very passionate, knowledgeable and fabulous astrophotographer. He goes that extra mile to create the perfect Astrophotography experience from hot coffee and cookies to artificial moonlight. Ari ensures everyone gets ‘the shot’ before the session is done. His enthusiasm to teach is commendable and since the workshop, we have had a meet up session which was a lot of fun. Peter and I look forward to future meet up sessions where we will get the opportunity to learn so much more. We highly recommend his workshop"

Sue Bui

"Yesterday (16 May 2018), I along with three other interested persons attended the workshop. When I met Ari Rex, I realised that he is a down-to-earth person with ample of practical experience in astrophotography. He is extremely friendly and very keen to teach his skills to the attendees. He started from the very basics of the camera set ups, useful apps and then drove us to the wonderful workshop site at the Namadgi National Park. It was all done in a very friendly manner but with a professional touch."

Tanvir Hossain

"I always wanted to shoot the stars at night and Ari’s Milky Way course was fantastic. We got to do many practice shots with detailed explanations on how to do wonderful experience and I highly recommend Ari’s course to anyone wanting to learn some new skills in photography."

Anna Calvert 

"Well what can I say, if you have not been on one of Ari's adventures into the wild to capture the magnificent Milky Way and all the lights in the night sky, you have not lived! Even though it was absolutely freezing..the results speak for themselves. Ari is great at showing you how to get the max out of your camera to make your images come alive. Wether you are a novice or a think-you-are-pro...Go get yourself booked in TODAY!! You will not be dissapointed..

I am going again!"

Craig Willoughby

"A workshop with Ari will teach you heaps bout photographing the Milky Way, and debunk myths you read on the interwebs.

Ari gives you practical and hands on advice, and takes you to great locations as well."

James Robins

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User Agreement 


  • The fee for this workshop is $149 per participant. Please join us on our private Facebook group. It is a valuable place to ask questions, see work from participants of previous workshops, review our work and keep in contact for future events.

  • The workshop will go ahead as scheduled regardless of weather conditions. If the sky is covered more than 50% than we would reschedule the practice session for the next night or the next month's cycle.

  • Cancellations - You can cancel your workshop booking at anytime up to two weeks prior to the workshop day to receive a full refund (a 5% admin fee will be deducted). Cancellations made within two weeks prior to the workshop will be liable for a 50% cancellation fee. Unfortunately refunds cannot be issued for cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the workshop.

  • By booking this workshop you automatically agree to the terms and conditions that can be found here