Ari Rex offers specialised photography workshops such as Milky Way Photography Workshop and Two Night Photography Workshop that run every year from March to October.


Skippy in Action
Brayshaws Family Hut
Namadgi Natinal Park
Milky Way and Planet Mars
Kiss 358
Mars and Milky Way at Ready Cut Cott
Dream Time
My Queen
Brayshaws Family hut (Startrail)
Milky Way in Canberra
Taemas Bridge
Self Portrait
Mars Watches Over
Spider Web
Orion Nebula
War Memorial & Milky Way in Infrared
Maria Island Tasmania
Marrysville Yarra Valley Victoria
Rho Ophiuchi Constellation
Orroral Homestead, Namadgi National
Tharwa (Canberra)
Near Siding Spring Observatory
During a Practice night.
Orroral Homestead, Namadgi National
Near Yass
Brayshaws Family hut