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Nature Photographer Of The Year 

International Photography Awards 2020

Ari captures emotion, mood, and atmosphere through his photography, revealing a deeply personal journey in each landscape, portrait, still life, or macro. His work blends spontaneous absorption with technical planning, uncovering the unseen beauty of everyday life and connecting with audiences through compelling visual stories. Ari transforms raw images, enhancing textures and contrasts to evoke the emotions he experienced at the moment the shutter clicked.

Ari's dedication to perfection is evident in his decade-long portfolio, featuring work for notable clients like Cathay Pacific, Australian Government, Questacon, Virgin Australia, Foxtel, ANU, and Canon Australia. His distinctive style and extensive knowledge have earned him national and international recognition.

Fluent in English, Albanian, and Italian, Ari graduated with an advanced diploma in photography from CIT Canberra in 2016. His Milky Way photography workshops are highly sought after by photographers worldwide, and his work is showcased in various publications and galleries.

With nearly 70,000 followers on social media, Ari is committed to sharing his passion and expertise, offering specialized workshops to inspire and cultivate the next generation of photographers. His stunning wall art photographs are available for purchase, licensing, and digital downloads, allowing others to bring his captivating images into their own spaces. For Ari, there's nothing more magical than capturing the full splendor of the Milky Way, a skill he loves to teach to others.